Wall Beds

Transforming your living space in the blink of an eye

Living in an apartment, or studio, or even a trailer home, can cause a lot of stress due to the limited and small living space that you are stuck with. Your bedroom is always crowded it seems, and your living room always seems like it needs to be expanded. So what are you going to do? It is not as if you can just knock down your living room wall to expand your space, and you do not have the money to put a down payment on a house. I have a two word phrase that just might solve all of your problems: wall beds.

When I moved into the apartment that I am currently living in now, we only had two bedrooms. I frequently had guests who wished to sleep overnight, but I did not have a guest room or an extra bed to offer to them. After numerous times of having to tell people that I just did not have the room for them to sleep overnight, I realized that something needed to be done about this situation. Therefore, I hopped onto the internet, and did a little research to see what I could do to remedy the situation. What I found astounded me. You can buy these great little things called wall beds. What are they exactly? I’m glad you asked. Let me explain. Wall beds are these unique little gadgets that fit against your wall and provide you with an extra bed. Cool, huh? I thought so too.

This great invention first started with the creation of Murphy beds, which are similar to wall beds but are an earlier version. Basically, it looks like a custom wall, or some other form of cabinetry, that fits right into your home décor. It looks like a cabinet from the outside, but in reality it is a storage unit, that houses an extra bed that you can put down at your convenience. This product is great if you are like me, and need an extra bed that you can throw down whenever you needed one.

The great thing about these beds is that they come in many different colors, sizes, and styles. This way, they are guaranteed to fit right in with any home décor. You want a hardwood oak bed? No problem. There are plenty of those. What about a cherry wood bed? There are plenty of those as well. Some beds can even come with a wooden headboard if you so desired. It is all up to you. The choices and possibilities are truly endless.

Wall beds can come from many different locations, but they mainly come via a certain furniture manufacturer. You can also purchase these beds online, however I suggest that you always go to a store and shop around before you make any commitment to a certain piece of furniture. You can also purchase these beds direct from the factory itself, but that is not always an option. Only do this if the store you visited was out of a particular model that you desperately wanted. Buying from the manufacturer can be expensive and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a warranty or a discount on shipping, like you may get at the furniture store.

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