Upholstered Beds

These attractive beds will add an intimate feel to your bedroom.

I always wanted my bedroom to look as great as the bedrooms that I see in movies. I mean why can’t I design my room in a way that appears attractive and chic? When I was a kid, my idea of an attractive and styled bedroom was hanging a random collection of sheets on the walls. But now that I am older, married, and am just now moving into a house of my own, I want the bedroom that my husband and I will be sharing for the rest of our lives, to be styled in a way that says that we put a lot of thought and effort into the design plans. I also want our room to be styled in a way that adds a romantic feel. After all, the honeymoon stage in a marriage only lasts for so long, and I want to keep the passion and spark in our romance for as long as possible. And I figure that as long as I have an upholstered bed in our room, I will be able to achieve that goal.

When I first stepped into the master bedroom that was going to belong to me for the rest of my life, I immediately thought about what kind of bed I was going to put in it. I had no idea where to start, so like any typical American, I looked to Google for the answer to my problem. AS I was searching, I came across a picture of a gorgeous master bed that had a leather and velvet upholstered headboard. My breath literally was taken away, that’s how gorgeous the bed was. So I did a new search, this time for upholstered beds, so that I could get a better idea of what kind of bed I could get for the master bedroom. What I found astounded me. An upholstered bed is merely a platform bed, with an upholstered bench, that can come in a large variety of fabrics. The frame of the bed itself is your typical, average, daybed bed frame. This means that the bed frame is merely rectangular in its shape, which is the standard for upholstered beds. Obviously the manufacturer designed the frame this way so as to keep in stride with the traditional bed frames. After all, I know that I do not want a bed with a complicated frame that takes hours to assemble. The standard size of an upholstered bed is a queen size, but they do make upholstered beds in other sizes as well.

Just like with any other type of fabric furniture, you need to shop around before you decide to fully commit to a certain bed. Since upholstered beds do come in varying fabrics, the decisions are endless, Which is why you need to make sure that you are absolutely positive that the upholstered bed you are looking at now is the one that you will want a week from now.

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