Reclining Sofas

It is a recliner and a sofa all in one!

I absolutely love and adore recliners. But sometimes, I wish that I could sleep on one. Unfortunately, they’re too small, and were only designed to be sat in. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Determined to find the perfect mix, I hopped onto the internet and desperately searched for my dream chair. Well imagine my surprise when I found out that my dream reclining chair wasn’t a chair at all, but instead was a reclining sofa.

Reclining sofas great if you are a coach potato like me. To be quite honest, I live on my couch. I spend the majority of my days and nights there. When I am not working, I am either laying on my couch in my living room, or I’m sleeping on it because I stayed up too late watching television. When I saw these reclining couches on the internet, I fell in love. They were perfect! They were leather, or at least a grand majority of the ones that I saw were leather, so they fit in with the décor of my home. Plus, I felt extra cool seeing as I would be able to brag to all of my friends that I had leather furniture in my home. So I went out to the nearest furniture store. At first my intention was merely to shop around, you know, browse around a little just to see what would pique my interest. Not only did I fall completely in love with a black leather reclining sofa, but I also fell in love with some equally gorgeous loveseats, an adorable chaise, and a few other pieces that would look great in my home. But the reclining sofa, by far, took my breath away. I mean, the range of motion that this thing had was incredible! I leaned all the back, to a point where I could have slept on it like it was an actual bed. A leather bed that is. It also had sectionals, meaning that it was divided up into sections. One of the sections had cup holders on the side! I was blown away completely. I wanted to call the manufacturer up and just thank them ceaselessly for depositing this extraordinary gift within my hands.

The only downfall that I experience with this amazing reclining sofa, was the journey home. Instead of waiting for the thing to be shipped, I had my uncle drive over in his pickup truck, and we had some guys from the furniture store load the box into the back of the truck, so that we could take it home right away. We decided to take the freeway on the way home, and it was incredibly windy. Due to the strong winds, we had immense trouble staying within our proper lane as we were driving home. But never fear. We did arrive home safely, our precious cargo still intact. After all, if we hadn’t arrived home safely, then I wouldn’t have been able to write this article for you to read.

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