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The Bliss of Owning Your Own Bedroom Vanity Table

Buying the perfect bedroom vanity table is very daunting especially for a newly married woman. There are so many choices and things to consider but knowing what you want, and being confident in it, will win one through the obstacles.

Everyone deserves his or her own vanities and luxury in life. By buying a bedroom vanity table, it is not only a luxury but it is also a necessity especially for a newly wedded person. Owning dressing tables is an essential thing because it is like having a best friend to lean on. It is where you learn how to fall in love again with your husband, it is where you greet yourself good morning as a newly married woman, it is where you first look at yourself as a mother to a beautiful baby, as a mother in law, and as a grandmother to your grand kid. It is where you first look at yourself as you experience so many first in your life.

Shopping for the perfect bedroom vanity table is a bit tricky because not all pieces are the same. You may see the perfect table but when you brought it home, you will realize that it does not match the color of your bedroom furniture or it covers the entire bedroom space. There are also multi-functional vanity tables that contain wood stool or bathroom chair that you can use in your bathroom instead of in your bedroom. Two to three- pieces vanity set with tri-fold mirror or mirrored ones that are shape in rectangular or oval are also available. Looking for the right one and correctly identifying the exact pieces does not need to be difficult. All you have to do is to make a list of all the preferred features that you want your table to have.

In finding the bedroom vanity table of your choice, lists down all the details, even the minutest one so that you will not regret buying one just because it is on bargain or on sale. Do you like your vanity table to contain a makeup vanity mirror with floral designs and Queen Anne inspired legs? Perhaps you want it with lots of storage room with locks for added security of your jewelries, a vanity with side jewelry storage and lift up mirror is just the thing for you. If you are an antique collector, there are antiques or heirlooms vanity tables, you can purchase or place bids on Sotheby’s or Christy as they are known for genuine art pieces. It serves not only as part of your art collection but at the same time serve as your vanity table. It is like combing your hair while you are looking at your reflection in front of a Victorian-inspired vanity table crafted in the time of Queen Elizabeth. Alternatively, how about having an Oriental inspired, hand carved dragon design tri-folded mirror vanity table with a secret latch to open a secret compartment inside?

Having the ideal bedroom vanity table boils down into one thing – it is looking for the perfect bedroom confidanté that will not tell on you, where you create your dream, fulfill your goals and achieve your visions. It is where you cry your tears and where you laugh your way through life. It is where you create a home for the inner you.

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