Cabin Bed

Cabin beds are great for your picky toddlers.

If you have toddlers, you know full well that they can be extremely picky when it comes to the things that they eat, the toys that they play with, and sometimes, the beds that they sleep in. My five year old niece was extremely picky about what type and style of bed she was going to sleep in. Apparently, she wanted something that just screamed “her”. I have no idea what she was talking about. But that may have something to do with the fact that she has a lisp, and no one can ever tell what she is saying. But either way, she threw a fit when her mother and father tried to give her a regular bed to sleep in. That wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted a cabin bed. How she even knew what a cabin bed was is beyond me, but she demanded one, and threatened to hold her breath until she got one. So of course, her parents caved like they always do. I would have just let the little brat turn blue. But that’s just me. Anyway, back to the main point of this story. A lot of toddlers can be picky. And a lot of toddlers like cabin beds apparently. So what better way to appease your picky little toddler than by buying them a magnificent little cabin bed?

Cabin beds are not only popular with toddlers however. They are great for any age type. I even know some men who are big on the rustic bedding theme that have cabin beds. See? Anyone can sleep in one! Anyway. The whole country cabin decor theme has been a big hit around the country lately it seems. It seems as if people want to get back to their pioneer roots, and rough it in the wilderness. Well, if you can call staying at the Wilderness Hotel ‘roughing it’. This type of lodge bedding just speaks to people, especially kids. I agree, cabin beds are kind of cool. But they can also be insanely expensive. I mean, they are made completely out of wood, and they have multiple little drawers on the side for storage. So of course this piece of furniture is going to be expensive, even if you opt for the children’s cabin bed.

So if you are like me and are incredibly cheap and are immune to the whines and screams of your children, then I suggest that you go out and buy some cheap bunk beds for the little ones. Every kid loves a good bunk bed. I loved them too when I was little. They are just as much fun, and are a cheaper alternative than cabin beds. Or you could get a sleeper sofa as well. I remember that my mother did that for my brother. But then again, he was twenty years old, and was just moving into his own incredibly tiny apartment. So why don’t we just scratch that one off the list. But if you insist on indulging the whims of your child, and you really want to buy them a cabin bed, then I suggest that you shop around a bit to see what kinds of cabin beds are on the market. If you are going to be spending that much money on a bed, you are going to want to make sure that it is a good bed. While you are shopping, always look and see who the manufacturer is. Always buy a bed from a reputable dealer. I strongly advise buying a bed from a knock off brand. I hope that this little piece of information helped you.

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